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Known today as the United States Naval Mobile Construction Battalions, Seabees
began the tradition of “Can Do - Will Do - Want To” in 1942. Originally created
as the 58th Naval Construction Battalion in World War II on 26 December 1942,
The Great 58 worked actively in multiple theatres including Okinawa, and
was decommissioned after four years of service in May 1946.
- - - - - - - -
In late 1965, the call went out again to the fleet and the trades, and the
Mobile Construction Battalion Fifty-Eight was commissioned during the
Vietnam War on 15 March 1966. The MCB 58 Seabees provided a full range
of support services in a number of deployments until October 1969, when the
Battalion returned to Davisville, RI and was decommissioned on 17 November 1969.
- - - - - - - -
As long as there are conflicts and wars throughout the world, Seabees will continue
to serve the United States Military, Allied Forces and host Countries
with honor, expertise and efficiency.
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